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Ads for Skiers from Last Century

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Break a Ski?

Back in 1931 if you broke your ski you would buy a single replacement, as shown in this ad from the Ottawa Ski Club News.

I’ve been scanning the entire collection of old OSC newsletters into PDF and I’m almost done. Lots of fun history in there!

Trail #11 and its Names

Skiers who have been around Gatineau Park for some decades will know that trail # 11 was once known as the Merry-Go-Round Continue reading

Portrait of Pink Lake

Pink Lake is one of the most popular sites in Gatineau Park and has been for a long time.

This may be because it is one of the first parking areas you come to going up the parkway, but it’s certainly worth the stop.

Although there is something pink about the lake, it takes its name from a family of settlers who arrived from Ireland in the 1820s and tried to eke out a living farming these rocks. Continue reading