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Gatineau Valley Historical Society 50th

Tonight the GVHS is celebrating 50 years of existence with a party at Camp Fortune. I was invited to give a short presentation on the history of Camp Fortune but found myself with a scheduling conflict so prepared this short video which the GVHS is planning to screen.

Once again I apologize for my lack of frequent postings at GuideGatineau and point you to some of the other work I’m doing. This should be of particular interest to Ottawa residents because it relates to what your city council is doing (or not doing).

At this time some city councillors are trying to suppress information on how the city is missing it’s targets for greenhouse gas reduction, and worse want no part in planning how to do better in future.

If you live in Ottawa please tell the mayor and your city councillor to include two things in the next round of buget planning: (a) an over-arching climate change action plan; and (b) five short term initiatives identified by city staff as having the largest greenhouse gas emission reduction impacts.

Gatineau Park Ski Videos

A couple of videos from Ottawa musician Ian Robb (as discovered at Michael McGoldrick’s forum) Continue reading

Anxious Skiers Video

The CBC’s Giacomo Panico has a video of Dave McMahon and crew seeking snow in the dark in the park. It’s entitled Anxious Ottawa cross-country skiers

No Helmet?

Guess I’m just sensitive to that since my daughter had a head injury this summer (and she was wearing a helmet – it was quite smashed afterward)

Wildlife Photography Interview

France Rivet and Shelley Ball were good enough to spend time with me discussing the photographs on display at the Gatineau Park Visitors’ Centre this summer. Click on the image at right to see the promo poster and listen to them talk about the exhibit in this four minute video.

A Walk in the Park

I found this little video in my search-engine inbox.

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Birding in Gatineau Park with Ted Cheskey

From the Nature Canada Blog

Random Videos

What follows are a few videos that popped up in my search engine results. They have no particular theme or redeeming value, but they are about Gatineau Park. Continue reading

Farewell Ski Season

The NCC website today switched its default to summer. But these guys sure sent winter off in style!

Ads for Skiers from Last Century

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