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Keogan Lodge and the Rise and Fall of the Cliffside Ski Club

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History of Brown Lake

At the end of January 2011 Ken Bouchard on behalf of the Friends of Gatineau Park led about 30 people into the woods; and back through time. We all trooped in on snowshoes to discover the origins of Brown Lake Cabin.

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The Making of the 1967 NRC Ski Map

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Ottawa Ski Club and as a fundraiser for the Canadian Ski Museum, I organized a reproduction of a 1967 Gatineau Park cross country ski trail map.   Continue reading

We Three Kings

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Muddy Results on Recreation Consultation

Gatineau Park was founded in large part based on its role for recreation. The more recent emphasis on conservation highlights concerns that park users could with time love the place to death. Continue reading

Willson Ruined

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It seems that one of the most photographed places in Gatineau Park is the Carbide Willson Ruins. They say that some people like to sunbathe nude there but Continue reading

The Eardley Escarpment is Falling Down – Slowly

If you stand at the Champlain Lookout you can see two things. One is a road stretching straight away westward toward the Ottawa River. Where that road meets the bottom of the cliffs below you is called Young’s Corner. Another thing you can see looking northwest along the face of the escarpment, is evidence of a rock-fall. It turns out this is just beyond Western Lodge. In the cold morning of April 1957 that rock-fall pretty much shook the residents around Young’s Corner right out of their beds. Continue reading

Tent Caterpillar Invasion

Last week I informed Gatineau Park lovers that the sound of rain they might be hearing in the woods was actually caterpillar droppings. This week I’ve heard from a number of people about the caterpillars including Kathy who told me there were so many on the parkway she could hear them squishing under her tires. So people are wondering, will this kill the trees? Is the NCC going to do anything? Continue reading

Seeking Avian Knowledge in Gatineau Park

NOTE: this walk is offered this coming Sunday May 23, and again the following Sunday see here for details.

I joined about a dozen people who walked with Marie-Sophie Bourque around the Sugarbush Trail this past Sunday as she expounded on one of her favourite topics: birds. Continue reading

Lauriault Trail – Legacy of a Killer

The Lauriault Trail is a benign little hike. Who would suspect that it commemorates a killer? Continue reading