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Winter Trails Roundtable March Meeting

Last night the group talking about winter trails issues in Gatineau Park met once again.

Unfortunately due to a combination of reasons (health, travel, competitions, etc.) many members were unable to make it. At first I was concerned that this might be because people were frustrated or disinterested but one of our number had been on the phone Continue reading

Shilly Shally Circa 1958

I’ve just added an old photo of Shilly Shally to the end of the post about how the cabin got its name. You can see it here.

Secret Kingsmere Slopes

My search terms turned up this graceful video

So Popular!

I hear that the first run of the “bring back the old ski trail names” shirt has sold out and they’re going for a second printing. Ladies’ still “sky blue,” men’s was white, now will be “dusty blue.” For more info see here.

The Mile a Minute trail

This is the story of a lost ski trail. Continue reading

NOW IN THE PAST Reminder Sunday at Keogan – From noon to three on Feb 27th Charles will join the Friends of Gatineau Park at Keogan Lodge to talk with people about the history of Ridge Road. We have info … Continue reading

Huron Lodge Occupied During Gatineau Loppet

From the NCC Gatineau Park website:

Gatineau Park will be hosting the Gatineau Loppet this weekend. The trails will not be closed to recreational skiers during this event, however competitors should have priority. Please avoid using parking lots P1 (Asticou), P2, P3, P5 and P6. For more information:

Please note that during the Gatineau Loppet, Huron shelter will be occupied day and night by a group of Canadian Cadets.

Speculation on Old Trail Names

You might remember that I formally asked the NCC to consider reinstating names instead of numbers on the historic ski trails in Gatineau Park. Marie Lemay, CEO of the NCC responded back in October

…we will be pleased to consider Continue reading

Cultural Heritage Conservation Plan Workshop

On Wednesday I was invited to participate in a workshop as part of the development of the Gatineau Park Cultural Heritage Conservation Plan. The point of the exercise is that the NCC owns things that have heritage value and is responsible for their maintenance. Maintenance costs money so Continue reading

Prayers to Ski Gods

In January of 1929 Charles Mortureux, who so loved the Gatineau Hills that he wrote:

The Skier’s Prayer – O Patron Saint of skiers, whoever thou art, see our distress and give us snow, not in light airy flurries languidly drooping from azure skies, but dry powdery snow, hard driven by a howling Nor’-Easter, and let it blow and pile up for three days and three nights – and from the Devil and his work, the wretched south wind, the disgusting thaw, the clammy rain, the treacherous icy crust and the bare stones, for ever deliver us. Continue reading