Loop and Looped

Jo-Ann posted how the north loop parkway was fully cyclable by Sunday, only six days after her last photo of skiing that same section.

For a couple of years now I have meticulously documented the increasing length of available cycling parkway but this year things happened so fast, and I’ve been so involved in other things, that I missed the entire sequence. This post is a chance to catch up on a few other things I missed as well as note those “other things.”

First to those news items:

  • Michael McGoldrick tells us that Gatineau Park season ski pass sales might have dropped 10% last winter.
  • A corespondent wondered if this story (flowers that need some passing feet to thrive) was at odds with the NCC’s moves to restrict unofficial hiking trails.
  • Activities at Philippe Lake Campground for Summer 2012 have been posted.
  • Another corespondent reports that the NCC has gone through an environmental assessment process to move a dock at the PM’s place on Lac Mousseau.

Followers of this blog will know that I’ve taken an active interest in local climate change issues. Seems to me these relate to both the rapidity with which the cycling season came on, and perhaps the drop in ski pass sales. That active interest has become very active and is drawing me away from posting here about Gatineau Park.

So apologies for the long spaces between posts.

But I’d also welcome material from others to help keep the news flowing so if you’ve got something you’d like to post here please submit it with as little editing as possible in mind (remembering my terms of use which require polite, constructive engagement).

2 Responses to Loop and Looped

  1. A small correction, the ENTIRE parkway loop is clear for cycling, not just the north loop. It’s pretty cold out there now, though, and those downhills will be pretty chilly!

  2. I’d actually assumed that (though I perhaps wasn’t clear enough in what I said). Since the last place to melt is near the top of the Fortune Lake hill, and the Fortune Lake hill is part of the “north loop” in a cyclist’s eye, that meant to me the entire parkway system was available for riders.

    Funny how through my skier eyes “north loop” equates more to “the doldrums” between P8 and P9.

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