Saving Mort’s Cairn

I got word that Mort’s Cairn is suffering damage as young people enjoying Camp Fortune’s aerial park have been also using the cairn as a climbing structure.

You’ll remember that this monument was dedicated in 1950 to Charles Mortureux, the president of the Ottawa Ski Club for much of the first half of last century, and the man who founded Camp Fortune and turned the Gatineau Hills into a ski mecca for cross-country and downhill enthusiasts alike. Mort’s influence was not unsubstantial in the very formation of Gatineau Park.

My last intervention on this issue was a year ago when I’d been told that the NCC had sought a quote for refurbishment of the monument but evidently that work has yet to proceed. We need to urge the NCC to undertake the restoration.

I have asked that tonight’s GVHS 50th anniversary celebration include a plea to the 100+ attendees to contact the NCC to encourage them to protect this bit of history and I hope you’ll drop the NCC a line as well.