Mort’s Cairn Update

In March I pressed the NCC to step up and repair the crumbling un-marked cairn that had been erected in 1950 to honour Charles Mortureux. The good news is that the NCC has asked a conservator to have a look at it. This doesn’t mean it will be fixed, it just means the NCC is taking the issue seriously enough to find out how much it will cost to get it fixed. I guess that’s how it has to start, so that’s a good thing.

Unquestionably the monument should be restored since Mortureux was the motivating force behind the development of skiing in what is now Gatineau Park, and thereby in Ottawa in general, both Alpine and cross-country;he  was the founder of Camp Fortune and it is arguable that without his good work, we might not even have a Gatineau Park today.

To the Memory of Charles Edmund Mortureux President Ottawa Ski Club 1919-47 His Work Endures in these Gatineau Hills

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